"Moussy" is the first non-alcoholic malt-bewerage drink of its kind and largest selling in the Middle East.

"Blue Diamond" World leading brand in Almond production & marketing. Blue Diamond Almonds can add ambience to an appetizer and romance to a gourmet dinner. They can add unique appeal to all kinds of foods including sandwiches, pizzas and hearty soups.

“Wills” / “Scissors” cigarettes

Sunfeast" offers a variety of biscuits - Milky Magic, Marie, Cream, Dark Fantasy etc.

"Best" A variety of roasted and natural nuts and nuts-coated chocolates, Pistachios, Peanuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Almonds.

“Mr. Krisps”, “Bakemans”, “Emirates Pofaki” Chips & Snacks. A complete line of salty snacks. From Potato chips to tortilla chips all are available in a wide variety of flavours and sizes. Mr. Krisps snacks and chips are the crunchiest and best tasting available.

"Chiko" wide range of confectionary like toffee, Fudges, Eclairs Bon-Bons, enrobed chocolates and premium gift boxes.

“Bonny” Evaporated Milk.

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